Posted by: Lisa | May 11, 2012

Tag, you’re it!

One of the most popular items at the studio are these little personalized favor tags that couples use to put on their guest gifts. These favor tags are  a great way to customize wedding favors or party guest gifts for any special occasion. Here are some recent wedding and bridal shower favor tags.

This couple is giving away jars of apple butter, and are adding these cute, pink damask tags to the jars, as well as their guest gift bags.

These monogrammed favor tags will be attached to homemade cookies for their guests.

These are wine glass favor tags are popular with wine lovers.

These nautical themed tags are fun and versatile for couples along the coasts, or are getting married on a yacht.

The favor tags are popular for special occasions because for a minimal cost, it adds a fantastic personalized touch of detail for your guests.



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