Posted by: Lisa | February 17, 2012

Printing Foreign Languages on Wedding Invitations

I get a fair share of requests for printing Chinese on wedding invitations. But once in a while, I get requests to print in other languages on the invitations.

This Floral Whimsy Wedding Invitation Set was customized with an additional panel that contained a non-traditional layout of the Chinese portion. The Chinese panel was attached to the pocket folder, and the English portion fit neatly into the pocket.

This custom Double Happiness Princess Square Invitation Set contains a traditional layout of the Chinese portion. Both the English and Chinese panels were attached to the pocket folder. Response cards and inserts fit into the pocket.

This Love Bird Wedding Invitation Set was printed entirely in Russian, even the response card.

And once in a while, I’ll get requests for printing different languages on other wedding stationery items…

The front of this Amber Silhouette Wedding Program contained the couple’s name and wedding date in Hebrew.

And these tented Sweet Branch Table Cards were printed in Spanish, Yiddish… and Klingon!

The process is fairly simple if you want your wedding invitations and stationery to contain a different language other than English: All you have to do is provide a file of what you want printed along with the proper line breaks/format that you want. Depending on the language, I may request a document and font styles, or ask for a high resolution image that gets embedded into the stationery.

Easy! Just make sure you proofread on your end! I can only detect typos in English!






  1. Most impressive!

  2. beautiful. I will come back in a yr to order some invitations in another language 🙂


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