Posted by: Lisa | February 11, 2012

Wedding Illustrations & Inspirations

I’m not a pure illustrator by trade, but I love being able to come up cute graphics that could be reworked into wedding stationery. On my computer desktop sits about a dozen illustration files in various stages of completion, all waiting to be transformed into wedding invitations, save the dates, favor tags, ceremony programs and the like.

When inspiration hits, I have to let it take me to where it needs, and let the digital ink flow. These days, it’s all about swaths of bright color, repeating patterns and fun. I’m currently working on another bridge illustration, (I love bridges), a few iconic structures and a couple of cultural symbols. Some recent projects:

Pretty Stationery for Beautiful Souls
A traditional Greek Orthodox Cross replaces the Double Happiness character for a couple who wanted a contemporary blend of Asian and Christian design in their tea length wedding invitations. I didn’t grow up religious, but I can certainly appreciate the appeal of a beautiful cross, and the beauty of believing.

Pretty Stationery for Beautiful Souls

When it comes to inspiration, I’m a big fan of nature. Flowers are awesome to illustrate because there is no wrong way to draw one! These stylized happy flowers took on a life of its own after being inspired by a fun color palette, and now appears as a save the date card.

Pretty Stationery for Beautiful Souls

Music is also a big inspiration. This honeybee favor tag, (as well as the rest of the Honeybee collection), was inspired by a recent pop country song. There’s something about fun songs and cheeky lyrics that appeal to me.

Pretty Stationery for Beautiful Souls
Speaking of music and fun, how fun is this little guy? He makes an appearance in an upcoming music e-book that I had the pleasure of working on. More on that when it hits the virtual book shelves!

What’s your inspiration?




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