Posted by: Lisa | January 18, 2012

Double Happiness Favor Tags Idea

Once in a while, a client would request a custom item that ends up being a regular shop item for sale because of its broad appeal. There’s an innate sense at work here: Brides know what brides like!

The ever popular Sweet Branch Collection is one that came out of a simple request. (Thanks, Nancy and Smith!)

Carrie also had such a request. In this case, it was a call for a favor tag featuring the Double Happiness Chinese character. The character is something that is synonymous with Asian weddings. The actual character is literally a result of two “joy” (喜) characters joining together. It holds a special significance in weddings much like the Celtic Knot in Irish culture that represents the intertwining of two spirits.

Carrie ended up using the Double Happiness Favor Tags to add a personal touch to the take out favor containers, and used a red satin ribbon to finish the look. Simple and pretty!

Photo by HK Photography



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