Posted by: Lisa | August 11, 2011

The Pains of Running a Business

As a small business, I am completely dependent on shipping services to get my clients’ orders delivered in a timely matter. When things don’t go as scheduled, it can really derail things.

Don’t get me wrong; for the most part, all the companies I’ve used to deliver client packages have a decent track record. But sometimes the inconsistency, and lack of communication, is an issue. If I scheduled a pick up between certain hours, I expect someone to show up to pick up the package, especially when it’s been confirmed. I don’t expect to wait all day, and have no one show up. I don’t appreciate that I have to schedule two days in advance for certain services, only to call after waiting all day and have a customer service rep say “someone said no one was there.” There are no calls, there are no notices on the door. What’s the use of leaving a contact number if it’s not going to be used?

It is a little disconcerting that all the major shipping companies have spotty records, both for packages I send out, and packages I receive. In one case, I paid $40 for an overnight package to 10 miles away, only to have it show up 4 days later. I could have taken the subway and delivered it myself for less money and less time. And when I have packages that show up like this:

I get nervous about how my packages show up at my clients’ doorstep. This is why I always urge potential clients to order as early as possible, (and use heavy duty boxes within the packages). Even when I get projects done on time on my end, there’s really no telling sometimes with the shipping. The thing that’s most frustrating is that there’s little recourse when these companies mess up. At the end of the day, it becomes my responsibility even though this part of the entire process is out of my control.



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