Posted by: Lisa | May 19, 2011

2011 National Stationery Show Recap

We came. We exhibited. We won some awards and had an awesome time. Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show is an amazing experience. As a designer, I’ve always had reservations about how well my work is received, and whether or not it resonates with people. But if the feedback from the buyers, attendees, press and industry heavyweights are any indication, this little studio is in for a fun ride.

I had set some goals coming into the show, which have been met and surpassed. We’ve made a lot of new connections, met some amazingly talented folks from near and far, and learned valuable information that would help us grow in the coming years. And I am very proud of the fact that we are now a bona fide award-winning design studio three times over. Chris and I joke that we won the equivalent of a People’s Choice, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. The interest we’ve received from all over the world is incredible, and I have a heck of a lot of follow up to add to my to do list, (not to mention a heck of a lot of orders to get out)! Some pics of this past week…

Working on the Best New Product Display.

Samples out to Stationery Trends Magazine

Booth #1353

Some beautiful souls

LOUIE time!

My +1

Hors d’eourves and cocktails at the LOUIE Awards event

Mailbox centerpieces are a cute touch

So professional. Teleprompters!

We won! Photo opp.

Aisle 1300 folks: New Yorkers in the house! (Yuan, Steven, and Erica from Plum Blossom Press)

Friendly folks from the great white north. (Michael and Vanessa from Dempsey Press)

Our home base for the past 4 days

Coincidentally my brother’s friend were along the same aisle (Yuan and Brian from Lemon Drop Press)

Surfing as imagined in the 1800s. (Steven from National Police Gazette)

No ugly notebooks here! (May Books)

Fellow LOUIE nominee (Rich from J. Ames Greetings)

Fellow {NewNew} member. (Laura from Fisk & Fern)

Aisle 1300 rocks! (Also shown is Leslie and Wendy from Wedelline Papers, Matthew from Plum Blossom Press, Anne from Tilia Press.)

So what have we learned? That you can never have too much tape. Foam core WILL warp, no matter how thick, and Ikea furniture makes the best temporary display items. Oh, and if you have an aisle full of friendly faces, it makes all the hard work seem a lot more fun! See you next year!



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