Posted by: Lisa | November 27, 2010

I’m in love…

I love that feeling of finding something new and unexpected, something that catches my eye and holds my attention. Ladies and gentlemen; I am in love. Behold my latest obsession: Argyle. It’s beautiful, bold, and graphic, and it’s soon to be my shop‘s newest eye candy.

Look at the gorgeous diamond patterns, the retro colors, the juxtaposition of fat, matte skewed squares and delicately-thin, gold criss-crossed lines. Smooth silk-screen designs on textured stock. Handmade and perfectly imperfect as evidenced by the occasional subtle smudge.

Oh, the serendipity, the excitement of this newfound attraction. I found it even when I wasn’t looking. It’s like true love, a new favorite song with a happy melody that I can hum all day. This paper makes me smile. (See? Look. I’m smiling right now just talking about it!) Add yourself to my mailing list, and I’ll drop you a line when these are ready!



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