Posted by: Lisa | July 16, 2009

Move over Bridezilla, here comes DIYzilla

In America, we have two extremes. We have the liberals and the conservatives. We have Democrats and Republicans. We have people who are for same sex marriage, and we have people who are against same sex marriage. So it’s only natural in this extremist society that a new type of Bridezilla emerges out of the woodwork that is to the left of the original.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the DIYzilla.

The emergence of the DIYzilla comes at a time when conspicuous consumption is slowly being frowned upon, with the trend of living within ones means slowly moving back to the forefront. Due to the depressing economic climate, more and more couples are tightening their belts, and are putting a limit to their lavish wedding expenses. Where once it was popular to have name brand, head-to-toe bling, and red roses flown in specially from Ecuador, (paid happily for by a second mortgage), the DIYzilla goes out of her way to, well, do everything her damn self.

Of course, in many cases, the DIYzilla surrounds herself with people who can help her, (and who can help for cheap because she absolutely refuses to go into credit card debt for that One Special Day). She knows she can count on her talented friends for crafty advice and nimble fingers.

Besides, the DIYzilla reasons, she’s been to enough weddings, and have seen enough episodes of  My Fair Wedding and have seen how David Tutera does his magic. So she dutifully visits wedding related websites, constantly clipping out photos to create an inspiration board, and proceed to find every DIY article that’s wedding related and bookmark for her To Do List. The DIYzilla spends countless hours trolling through DIY forums and searches through hundreds of projects, painstakingly collecting a treasure trove of information. She also starts a wedding blog to document the process or how incredibly thrifty she is, and announces her bargain finds to the world.

The interesting thing about the DIYzilla is that, like the Bridezilla, the driving force behind the sentiment. Where the Bridezilla is all about steamrolling over the bridal party to get things done exactly how she wants, the DIYzilla is all about getting things done cheaply, usually steamrolling over herself in the process.

Absolutely horrified to be labeled a Bridezilla, the DIYzilla takes it upon herself to be her own Martha Stewart (even if she doesn’t have a crafty bone in her body). Favors for under $1? Check! Create your own bouquet? No problem! Design your own invitations? Of course! Why the hell would she pay some professional to do it if she can do it herself for cheap? Besides, she has friends who are great photographers, so she’ll invite them to the wedding and hope they bring their giant SLRs.

Given the cool factor of DIY, the DIYzilla will rarely make concessions about how incredibly challenging it is to create everything from the Save the Dates to the centerpieces. She won’t mention the countless hours she spend getting the text to line up on her card stock, or how much she wasted on printer ink. She won’t mention that the cost of shipping her $1 favors cost more than the favors itself. And she certainly won’t mention that she wished she would’ve had some professional help, because that’s just not cool to admit as a DIY bride.

Thankfully, most brides fall somewhere in between the two extremes. And given all the planning they’ve done, we give them a figurative pat on the back for doing it themselves. After all, just like the Bridezilla, the DIYzilla wants her hard work to be recognized and for her guests to appreciate how unique they made the wedding. In the end, whether the bride is a Bridezilla or a DIYzilla (or a scary combination of both!), it’s all about celebrating the commitment of love between two people.

Got any DIYzilla stories to share?



  1. This is so so so true! Professionals are “professional” because they have already spent countless hours learning and perfecting their craft, not because they are money grabbing monsters. Here’s a post from a real bride on a wedding forum about her DIY project:

    “I thought it would be all easy but then I had to print them out and one computer worked for set up but the printer wouldnt at all, so I e-mailed the file. Bad idea. The file wouldnt convert correctly. Finally got that to work and found out I couldnt get the RSVP cards to print because the paper was too small, so I go to yet another computer, that computer doesnt have the same fonts so I have to get as close as I can and WA-LA, RSVP cards done, but wait a tic. That printer doesnt like the invite paper, Soooooooo. Back to computer number 2 to print the invites. After printing all 90 invites and RSVP cards ONE BY ONE, Im done. Took what felt like forever and trying not to curse in front of my mother was most likely the hardest part. LOL “


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