Posted by: Lisa | April 16, 2009

Green Weddings Event Recap

Been feeling so under the weather lately. Must be the change in seasons. Things have been moving very slowly on all ends. My apologies to all clients who are anxiously awaiting their orders. Rest assured that it will be delivered according to the scheduled time. I’m hoping this will be the last week these flu-like symptoms will be present. It hasn’t been fun coughing up a lung and waking up at all hours trying stay warm. Chris says I’m feverish, but I feel chills. (Ya, I should head to the doctors but there’s so much on my plate.) I’m doing as much as I can and taking some rest periods in between, so I apologize if I’ve been slow to respond to your emails.

In any case, many thanks to those who showed up at the Housing Works Green Weddings Event. There must have been about 60-70 guests there all looking for more socially-conscious ways of planning their wedding. I must say, as a newly engaged bride-to-be, it does make me more aware of celebrating in a more responsible way.

Green Weddings EventMaryAnne of WabiSabi Brooklyn and Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall.

Green Weddings EventLu of LuCrafts speaking with an eco-conscious bride

Green Weddings EventGuest Panel from left: Mireya Navarro, author of Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration, Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall, sustainable chef Mary Cleaver (The Green Table and Cleaver Company) and green wedding planner Danielle Venokur.

Green Weddings EventMy work on the big screen (sort of!)

More pics on Flickr.



  1. Congratulations on being a part of this huge successful green event! I hope you’re feeling better.


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