Posted by: Lisa | January 6, 2009

New Wedding Invitation Design: Spring Blossoms

Sometimes I’ll be working on something, and BAM! Inspiration strikes. Such is the case with this newest wedding invitation design. I was actually working on an illustration for a client when I made a mistake with an outline I was drawing. I promptly removed it to a new file and saved. After finishing up on the project I continued with what I saw in my head. The design is so serene yet playful. The swirling leaf in the background makes it more fluid for some reason. (I printed a version without it but it just looked too bland.) I love the way the ink settles into the grooves of this card stock. If you look at it up close it you can see the shininess of the imprint contrasted with the soft matte focus of the paper. It’s such a sweet design, don’t you think?

Spring Blossoms Wedding Invitation Set



  1. Ooh, that’s beautiful. I like that it’s feminine without being something the groom would roll his eyes at. I wish I had known that there were independent stationery designers 4 years ago when my wedding was planned. C’est la vie!


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