Posted by: Lisa | December 17, 2008

Bust Craftacular Spotlight

If I had a cardmaker alter-ego, she would be named Bridgette with a shop named Earmark. I had the opportunity to meet her this past weekend at Bust Craftactular, and it was a nice treat to see her work in person. Her sets are so well-thought out, and each collection is just wonderfully whimsical. One thing about this industry is that I get to meet such talented people.


Also at Bust, was one of my favorite clients, Marisa from Wannahavacookie.  Her cookies are so good it’s been featured on Rachel Ray. Chris and I got whoopie pies from her, and we promptly ate it all up before we could even take a photo of the yummy goodness. (Here’s one from her brochures.) Marisa accepts orders directly from her website, so go order your own now!


Bunny Butt Apothecary was also present. I have a thing for their Complexion Zen face cream. The funny thing is that they remembered me from Renegade where a group of us got stuck in their tents while the rain and wind tried to blow the tent away!




  1. oh Lisa! YOU ARE SO AWESOME! That is hands down one of the best compliments I have ever received! I was just perusing your shop today and your work is wonderful! You have such talent and it shows through each card and invitation! I am so flattered… *blushing* It was so lovely to meet you as well! Have Happy Holidays!!!!

  2. I love Bunny Butt. Her body whip is divine!


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