Posted by: Lisa | December 10, 2008

I’m a firm believer in volunteering to help steer kids in the right direction. Back in middle school, one of my favorite teachers help set up a girls softball program. We spent our after-school hours finding softball teams from other schools and played scrimmage games with them.  With that, I was able to connect with a really good boarding school, that took me into a new world filled with all types of arts and sports I never knew existed. 

After college, I volunteered at a local school and helped out with their performing arts program. My sister introduced me to B, who also went to F.I.T. and is a graphic designer. For a few years we’d connect through different projects. We both worked with an esteemed non-profit designing their events literature and newsletters. We both gave up our weekends to teach the kids music and marching. And we both started our own design studios

So how delightful was it, when I received this month’s newsletter from his studio, that included a recent project he worked on with kids from my middle school alma mater?!  B helped teach the kids how to design, produce and sell their own tote bags. I feel so proud to call him as a friend. 

Check out the tote bags and pre-order one. I already did!




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