Posted by: Lisa | October 27, 2008

It’s all about the holidays

Right now, it’s all about the holidays. I think for those of us who are in retail or service in one form or another, have to spend time getting ready for the holidays. Even with the economy the way it is, it’s nice to try and do our part to spread the holiday cheer. I don’t expect to do as well as I did last year, but I feel the need to get some new designs out.

As my clients get ready for their holiday push, I’m doing my best to prepare my own shop especially in the midst of all these projects. Yes, it’s late at the moment, and yes I am working on another “must-need-to-get-shipped-tomorrow” project, so here I sit at the computer, project printing on one monitor, while blog updating on another. My poor printer is churning away, already suffering the effects of overusage. (A hinge broke, and it’s currently sitting on my desk awaiting Crazy Glue.) If only my services include making stuff that smells nice. I’d love to be baking cookies or cakes all day long, my head in a whirl of sugar. (And for those of you that don’t know, I worked my way through college baking cakes and cookies at a bakery.)

In any case, my apartment currently smells like cardboard… and printing ink. I snagged some 6 ft cardboard tubes today with the help of my brother. Those tubes are airing out in the storage closet, waiting to be turned into palm trees. It’s for decor for this eco-theme project. (Green is the new black.) If you think that’s nuts, check out my partner in crime for this project. She’s making giantor camels out of cardboard boxes!

Okay, back to the holidays. I just wanted to show off my new holiday card design. I have some others that will debut this week… after I get all these projects out of the way, or course!



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