Posted by: Lisa | October 2, 2008

“Fall” in Love

The Amber Silhouette design is a favorite of my shop visitors. I recently had the pleasure of customizing a set for the BF’s acquaintance of four years, a lovely gentleman whom I’ve met on two occasions. Haven’t had a chance to meet the bride-to-be, but that’s one of the results of the mostly electronic communication that takes place in this day and age of retail. And for the most part, I can sense her giddiness has the Day draws near. (They are tying the knot this weekend.)

Trust is always a good thing. The couple trusted me to create escort cards, programs and table name cards for them without much input. So I took the design and adapted it for the pieces. (Yes, that’s my roll-out table underneath. I’m in dire need of more studio space!)

I love how these double-layered table name cards came out.

Stacked and bound, and ready to go!



  1. These are beautiful. Great design Lisa!

  2. Tag, you’re it! I just tagged you (and 4 other EtsyGreetings members) on my blog. Feel free to play or ignore it. 🙂



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