Posted by: Lisa | September 3, 2008

Earring Cards Spotlight

(Full time job notwithstanding), my level of work often depends on cycles and seasons. I have several distinct groups of clients, among them jewelry sellers. Right now, it’s the start of the fall outdoor market season. Lots of vendors are gearing up after a nice long summer, and are starting to get back into fairs and festivals. I get a lot of repeat customers, which is good. That tells me that they are doing well. Additionally, when they return for reorders, that tells me that what I’ve designed for them works.  As a designer, this is an example of positive feedback you receive knowing that the creative exchange between you and the client has gotten to a good understanding.

Earring cards for Kerri Hale. Her jewelry actually makes it look better!

A.N. Original Jewelry is a good example of the organic nature of the creative process between designer and client. She first ordered earring cards in the standard size. Then reordered and requested a new size.

I think this evolution is really nice in that it lets the client figure out what they need as they evolve as a shop. It’s also nice because I help them figure things out along the way as well. And I find that an enjoyable experience because design is really all about problem solving.



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