Posted by: Lisa | August 13, 2008

Back the the daily grind

Yes, my friends, I have returned, though I almost didn’t thanks to the customs dude who almost barred me from entering. Let’s just say for once, my voter registration card came in handy!

I actually came back earlier and packed for a Saturday trip to Philly for the Indie Market there. Save the cool camping after with a couple of {NewNew} friends, the market wasn’t much to talk about. Personally speaking, there is such a thing as “too underground.” Some shows work, some don’t. Either way, I am grateful for the experience.

So now I am back to where I was before vacation. There’s a pile of email that needs to be answered, and several projects that need tending to. So if you haven’t heard from me yet, I promise you will soon! For now, enjoy this amazing underwater footage taken at the Cas Cay Wildlife Sanctuary in St. Thomas!



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