Posted by: Lisa | July 15, 2008

Ack! There’s only 12 days left before the Half-Marathon! Yes, yours truly is a (very slow) runner, trying to keep up with the self-imposed goal of doing a second marathon sometime soon. FYI, I ran my first last November here in NYC and was shamefully beat by the oldest female runner in the race. Hey, she was 86 so she had years of training on me, right?! 😛

Anyway, I feel like I’m in a marathon with my projects now. There is currently no end in sight as July’s schedule is beating even last month’s workload. I did the happy dance as the UPS man came to pick up this rather large order on its way to Rhode Island. One couple taken care of, four more to go.

I’m in serious need of some down time after this month. The closest I’ve been to the beach is the Coney Island boardwalk where I sat after a run this weekend! And from the look of this donut in the middle, I need to do a little bit more running. This computer pooch can now double as a flotation device! But enough with the complaining…

As much work as it is now, it’s fabulous to create things that I can smile about, that others smile about. I stop to admire the outcome of the creative process, and am amazed at the awesomeness that is the design collaboration. Oftentimes I am a refiner of other’s ideas; they give me a sketch or a photo, and I take it to a different level where they cannot themselves. Other times, it’s the other way around. I develop a template that is further refined by others. My designs are given a new life with new colors and type styles. That’s what I love about what I do. I may see things a certain way, but sometimes my clients see it better. And that, my friend, is very inspiring.

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