Posted by: Lisa | June 25, 2008

Update on the canopy debacle

This is an update from this post.

Nothing brings out my angry side more than when a company tries to deliberately deceive me, and don’t own up to their mistakes.

Because I paid for the canopy using Paypal and am requesting a full refund, I opened up a dispute to keep track of the communications with this company.

So after several rounds of back and forth, arguing the finer points of what the terms “guaranteed” and “every single canopy” means, the company rep tries to give me the brush off with these responses:

“Our website in no way garentee’s a shipping time on this item.. It states the item “usually” ships within 1-2 busness days, which it did and was delivered on the 19th. The customer did “try” to cancel the item but the item had already shipped and could not be canceled. She can return the item at her cost (just like our contact page states) and we will give her a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. I’m sorry we do have items that ship and are delieverd within 3 days but this is not one of them and our website clearly states this.”

My response: see exhibit #1

Their response:

“I’m sorry the item you purchased is not one of those 50 that ship the same day. It clearly states on the item page that the item ships in 1-2 days not the say day. It ship and you received it in a timley manner. And I’m sorry the item had already shipped when you tried to cancel.

It shipped before I “tried” to cancel? Funny, that’s not what the phone record and UPS tracking number shows. (On top of that I ordered on June 9. 1-2 days would give it a June 10-11 ship date. This canopy obviously shipped after I called to inquire on the status and canceled when I couldn’t get an answer.)

(3:44pm ET, which mean 12:44pm PT)

The shipping label was created 6:14pm PT. (I called UPS to verify if Local Time stood for originating location or destination location.) The company had over 6 hours to cancel the order, and clearly did not do so. Instead, they went ahead and shipped the order thinking that I’d just go ahead and accept this shipment. And now that I want to return it, I’m going to have to cough up a 15% restocking fee AND the return shipping cost? And the only thing they can say is sorry? No. I don’t think so.



  1. Do you have any lawyer friends that can send them a strongly worded letter on good letterhead? That usually does the trick. Good Luck and I hope you WIN!!!

  2. Now they expect you to pay a restocking fee? No way!

  3. I would have been so annoyed too. things like this make me mad. dont guarantee anything that you cant actually guarantee…it’s like buying a canope but being sent a tent!!! how would that be ok?!

    hope you get it sorted with no costs to you.



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