Posted by: Lisa | June 23, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not

I have a stack of invitations and RSVPs here that are fresh cut. Was about to put together the invitations when I realized that, while the pieces were lovely as is, the color was off by several shades, enough to notice. Reprinting is not an issue, and I would certainly do that if my client isn’t pleased with the color. The part that has me disappointed at myself is that, this is potentially a huge waste of paper. It’s something I consciously try to avoid doing what I do.

Whenever possible, I reuse clean packaging materials. Peanuts coming in from my wholesale orders end up in bin, and gets reused in outgoing orders. Clean boxes that my wholesale supplies come in gets used as boxes shipping out. Additionally, almost all of my scraps are recycled or sent to someone who handmakes paper. It’s an environmentally-responsible way to conduct business.

So when something like this happens, I just want to kick myself for not being more careful.



  1. aww man- that’s a bummer! i know how you feel, though- i HATE getting rid of paper and i HATE even more getting thru and order only to see that if i would have paid attention, i would have missed a glaring detail! but- it sounds like you use your scraps wisely, so now you have some paper to play with!

  2. I know what you mean. I hate wasting paper too. The yellow florals is so pretty! Why not just chop around the wording and create small pieces of cardstock to include in your orders? Or punch a hole and add a ribbon for a small square gift tag?

  3. I hate when I do this too. I always try to recycle paper into a different project…bookmarks, gift tags, something.


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