Posted by: Lisa | June 4, 2008

Waiting to Exhale: Delivery Debacles

As dependent as I am on delivery services, it really irks me those parts of my perceived service fall outside my control. Even when everything possible to ensure timely deliveries, once it leaves my studio, I can only hold my breath until I hear from the recipients that their packages have arrived safely and on-time.

Sometimes even when a courier company gives you the delivery time, the packages are delayed. Sometimes even the wrong information is displayed. For example:

This particular package was shipped via USPS Priority, which was a guarantee of 2-3 day delivery. I get an email from the recipient that she has not yet received it, even though the package registered as delivered.

And if you think private couriers are any better:

This second package was delayed because of a sorting error. (At least they had some sort of an explanation.)

Granted once or twice isn’t much to complain about. Things happen, people make mistakes and toss packages into the wrong bins. But how much time and money is wasted on these minor errors? And more importantly, how much of this affects how my clients look at me, especially when I quote them a specific day, a specific dollar amount, and the delays throw that off?

It’s just one of those unknowns when dealing with the service sector.



  1. Look into FedEx. They tend to have better discounts for commercial accounts. Especially if the packages you send aren’t large boxes. FedEx ground is cheaper than USPS these days in fact. Crazy.

  2. Another ugh. I had a similar problem recently–client hadn’t received package so I had no choice but to reprint at my expense. Guess what arrived back on my doorstep the day after I re-shipped the order?


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