Posted by: Lisa | May 28, 2008

Finally, a breather!

Sorry for the idleness of late. I’ve been so sick for the past couple of weeks. What was a tiny tickle that appeared on the day of the Homeshow became a full-fledged ‘cough-my-lungs-out’ cold. The boyfriend kept insisting I had allergies… until he started coughing his lungs out! (Do you believe me, now?!)

Of course, being sick doesn’t necessarily mean automatic time off. If anything, it created a new level of anxiety. The 9-to-5 is easy; I can cruise on auto-pilot.The pretty stationery? Eh, not so much.

Production starts to bottleneck when I fall ill. I don’t want to spread my germs if I can help it, so I stay away from projects in progress until I am better. Also, I’d rather take a little extra time to recouparate, and complete something at 100%, rather than slop my way through at 60%. (To those awaiting a reply, please forgive me! I need to update!)

Speaking of completed projects, here’s a couple that have just been sent out to the brides-to-be. I have to say, it’s amusing to deal with clients mainly online. With the exception of a handful of local customers, I only interact with the brides via email. (And even my local brides communicate via email!) I have no idea what they look like. However, I can totally get a sense of their personality from the electronic conversations, and from the designs they chose.

And these two are fun-loving and happy!

Floral Whimsy in red, a very lovely choice

These amazing designs are so intricately detailed, courtesy of the bride’s invitation designer.

By the way, if you’ve ordered any stationery from me, I’d love to see your face! Feel free to send a pic my way! 🙂



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