Posted by: Lisa | May 3, 2008

New Wedding Invitations Design Naming Contest

New to you, but not to my Flea visitors. I’ve created this one (and several others) about a month ago, and still haven’t had a chance to list it in my shop yet. (Don’t worry, I will soon.) It’s so new I don’t even have a name for the set! Any suggestions?

I’ll choose from a name from all the suggestions and the winner receives a set of note cards of his/her choice. Winning name will be chosen on Wednesday, May 7th. (You may want to check out some of my other titles for a better idea of what I like to name things.)

Suggestions in the comment area, please. Thanks and good luck!



  1. “clementine” popped into my head when i saw it… not sure it goes with your naming convention, so maybe “fall leaves” or “tropical branches”

    maybe? i don’t know :-/

  2. Tropical Breeze

    PS. You dont need to add me in for the freebie. Just thought I’d offer some suggestions.

  3. I absolutely love this invite. If I was getting married, I would totally pick this!!!
    My suggestions:
    Floral Sunrise

  4. Tropical Paradise


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