Posted by: Lisa | May 1, 2008

Opening Party for The Brooklyn Homeshow

I met up with some of the other Brooklyn Homeshow designers yesterday and we’re pretty much all set to go! The only thing now, is to have you guys show up! In the coming days you’ll start to see our posters around town.

And we’re actually planning a little opening party the Friday evening before the actual show, which is for friends and family. But I’d like to invite you guys as well, so… You’re invited!

While Saturday is primarily the shopping event, the Friday night shindig will be a great way to meet local artists, designers, and neighbors alike. As an independent designer, it’s nice to be able to chat with fellow Brooklynites, and to get their take on what we’re trying to do.

Most of us don’t have the resources to get ourselves into huge brand name retail shops, and the truth is, because we hand make all our work, sometimes it’s a bit challenging to reach the level of success that our non-handmade counterparts reach. We create our goods in the comforts of our own apartment, and a lot of love go into each piece.

So even if you have already spent all your rebate checks, come stop by anyway either Friday night or Saturday! Besides, we don’t want all that food, wine and goody bags to go to waste!

Directions to the show here:



  1. It really is hard to get into those ‘brand name retail stores’! Tough to cross a burnt bridge…. :{)


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