Posted by: Lisa | April 28, 2008

Brooklyn Flea: Part 2

Despite dreary weather, some the {NewNew} team braved the wet and cold to take part in the weekly Brooklyn Flea. Despite our drippy tent, we managed to have fun.

A big thank you to the visitors that showed. I was rather amused that someone actually had gotten the pronunciation of my shop name and “got it”, (it’s foo•bay•bee… like Fu Baby)… My Aunt Bea nickname for me that since junior high, and it stuck around. (No, she wasn’t really my aunt, but that’s what I called her back then.)

I definitely didn’t do as well as last time out, but given the weather, I would’ve stayed home myself. (Paper goods and water don’t mix.) But as the day wore on, we dried up a bit, and I was able to bring out my wedding invitations album.

One lovely couple stopped by and showed me their pretty Save the Dates, (which I absolutely love the color of), and asked me to replicate the color and layout for their invitations using one of my latest designs. I haven’t had a chance to list several of my latest designs, but will do so shortly.

If you didn’t have the chance to visit me at the Flea in April, come visit me at the Brooklyn Homeshow on May 16th and 17th. May 16th is a pre-show party from 7-10pm, and May 17th is the actual show itself. Either way stop on by and say hello, check out some of my wedding designs, or just come hang out with us! 170 Tillary Street #706.



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