Posted by: Lisa | March 12, 2008

5 things I learned by doing a show

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Even though there are chairs to sit, I ended up standing most of the time because of the space.
  2. People like interesting displays. My photo tree was a hit. The mini chandelier caught people’s attention.
  3. That said, having a great display isn’t as important as being able to talk about your work. If they stop by, then chat up the customers. I probably could have made more sales if I talked more.
  4. Logistics play an important part. Because of where I ended up, I was in a weird space, not quite next to my booth, but rather behind someone else’s. This probably affected my opportunity to engage passers-by.
  5. You never know what will be your best selling item. I may have been over-prepared for this show, but I was glad to be able to see people’s reaction in person, what they touched, and what they found interesting.

Given the fact that it’s my first show, I know now how I can do it better the next time around. And would I do it another time? Absolutely!



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