Posted by: Lisa | March 2, 2008


It’s been a crazy busy period these past several weeks. This is the second time I’m halting orders just so I can catch up with everything on the schedule. On top of that, this week is final preparations for both the quarterly meeting in the corporate world, and the Homeshow on Saturday.

I have to apologize to all my customers. As much as I would love to take their orders at the moment, I need to make sure those that have already put in orders are taken care of before I can put my full attention onto a new project. I’m glad most people understand. I guess my view is that, it’s better to lose a potential customer due to being too busy, than to lose an actual customer from substandard work. The potential customer may come back. The actual customer that received substandard work? Probably not.

I’ve also been meaning to list a new wedding set. The design isn’t new. It’s from one of my folded note card sets. However, after several inquiries into making it available for weddings, I finally got around to getting it done as layout for invitations. I won’t be listing this until after this week, so a sneak peek for all the readers out there!



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