Posted by: Lisa | February 21, 2008

Busy, busy!

This week has been one of those weeks that I was truly thankful for being able to work from home. In between emailing and calling on the corporate side, I was able to sneak in some “home” work when not attending to the 9-to-5.

Some pics from the previous weeks:

Mountains of packages in preparation for the homeshow…
Due to an unforeseen circumstances, half of what I packaged ended up flying to the West Coast for an upcoming event. Hopefully it all works out.
Some belly bands for a fellow stationer.

I’ve also decided to look for local venues to sell at for the summer. While Etsy is a fun place to be, I’m still somewhat limited there. And I’d also like to be able to gain exposure to the local crowds, particularly in Brooklyn where there is such a big following for handmade. I’ll think about Manhattan too, but to be honest, I like my current borough better. Less travel time involved!



  1. Wow you got a lot of stuff going. Good Luck with what you are doing right now.


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