Posted by: Lisa | January 19, 2008

Keeping busy

One thing about catering to shop owners is, that they definitely know how to keep me busy!


BeDazzled is getting ready for an upcoming show. She needed a couple hundred pieces of earring cards and jewelry tags. These designs are based on her artwork. I just took her banner and retraced it in Illustrator for crisper edges.


Over the Moon Jewels needed tags to match her earring cards. She wasn’t happy with the color adjustments with her first set, and I can’t blame her. I wasn’t happy with it either since the color didn’t come out as she wanted, so she’ll get a new set as well as a new set of matching earring cards free. I need to do something about the lighting in my studio. These tags turned out greener than it was supposed to. But they’ll work for my own listings.

In regards to color, sometimes it’s challenging to make a match based artwork created for web viewing purposes. What you may see on your end of the monitor may not be what I see. If you have artwork created for the web in RGB, I have to make color adjustments to print based on my four color laser printer. Most of the time it’s pretty spot on. Some of the times, even if it looks good on screen, it prints terribly. Not to bore you with the details, but sometimes it takes several tries to get it right. In OTMJ’s case, I’ve requested an actual business card from her so I can see it first hand and make a match based on that.

In other news, I’ve been printing like crazy to get ready for the Brooklyn Homeshow. I’ll need to purchase crystals, cello bags, stationery boxes, envelopes, and business cards, maybe a table, and some displays. I’m getting pretty excited about that. Of course, the challenging part is coming up with non-personalized versions of what I’m selling so they can buy it right there. Well, that, and trying to figure out units to sell. I think I’ll break some up to sell singles, 4-packs, half-dozens, and dozens. (Note to self: make a price list!) Anyway, if you’re in the area feel free to stop by and say hi!



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