Posted by: Lisa | December 26, 2007

Renaming Contest: Win Free Note Cards!

So I have this set of folded note cards that I named “Red and Blue.” They are very popular in my shop. Now I want to offer new colors, but I need to come up with another name for  these because, well… if I offer it in different colors it won’t be red and blue anymore! Are you creative? Got any suggestions? Best one receives a brand new set!

I’ll be taking suggestions until Friday, December 28th. Thanks!



  1. What about Elegant Us Cards? 🙂 I love them btw. Very classy and beautiful.

  2. “Carnelian Rhapsody”

    There’s a new name for ya 🙂

    ~ recycledideas @ etsy

  3. How about “Royally Noteworthy”

  4. Easy Elegance
    Purely Classic
    Neatly Put
    Classic Grace
    Well Turned Notes

    I know you only asked for one idea, but I got carried away. They are beautiful cards!

  5. From our home to yours

    the cards are lovely

  6. Color Me Yours
    Colors of the Rainbow
    Notes of Many Colors


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