Posted by: Lisa | December 19, 2007


Package presentation is important. When I purchase an item from an online shop, I’d like to know that it wasn’t just stuffed in an envelope and taped on the back, (believe me, this has happened).

That said, not everyone can afford beautiful packaging when they first start out. As for my own products, I make sure it is sturdy enough that it’ll pass through the many hands at the post office without damage, but light enough so that I don’t have to incur any more cost than I have to.

My solution? Stationery boxes and bubble mailers. Sure the bubble mailers aren’t very attractive, but it gets the job done. However, this is what you see when you open one of my packages:


The stationery sets usually come in a paper box with a plastic top, singles are in clear resealable bags. The paper boxes are more environmentally friendly than all plastic ones, (and a lot easier to open and close)!


I ship my business cards and earring cards out in this attractive little kraft box. It adds about 1 oz to the overall shipping price, but keeps the cards dust-free and damage-free.

I always print out my own thank you notes to add in. As you can see, I usually tie the note around the package with ribbon. Inside hails a little hand-written thank you. On the back, I have a little paragraph on what I do, when I started and a little contact information in case the customer would like to contact me.

It doesn’t take that much more to make your package presentable. And I’m sure your buyers will truly appreciate the extra effort that shows you care!

Questions? Comments? You can now leave me a voice mail at 347-694-8004!



  1. your packaging looks great – i’m a sucker for great packaging! That is why I love wrapping gifts 🙂


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