Posted by: Lisa | December 17, 2007

Custom Van Design

By now I’m used to the variety of work I get as a graphic designer. Here’s one that’s a bit on the unusual side. Otto, the retail manager at Lee’s contacts me to design a look for their delivery van. They have an amazing line of studio furniture and lighting on their second floor, so they want me to scan and retouch some photos for their van. You know, more marketing for them when they make deliveries throughout Manhattan.

This is a preview of what it’ll look like:



I think it turned out good. Will wait and see what the actual van skin looks like and take a pic when it’s done.

The fun part about designing for retail is that you get to see it all over town. I still see all the Kate’s shopping bags I did floating around Manhattan.



  1. That is so clever and fun. It reminds me of the old homemade custom vans from the 70-80’s, but in a mod sleek way.


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