Posted by: Lisa | December 12, 2007

Some more custom work

Custom designed Save-the-Date cards. This one was rather special. The bride-to-be that contacted me grew up in the same neighborhood as I did. So when she asked for something along the lines of an illustrated Brooklyn Bridge, I jumped at the chance to come up with this one.


Cleaning up the edges here.


And since it was the holidays, I actually wrapped it as a gift. After looking at the address, I realized I could walk to her work address, (which was her shipping), and did exactly that. Special delivery fubabee style!

She wrote back:
Thank you so much, these are perfect! I was totally expecting a brown cardboard box (or something similar) so I was completely caught off guard when I got to my desk and there was a colorful gift bag with a beautifully wrapped box, ribbon, etc. They came out even better than I imagined….the cards had the personal touches we wanted, but still with a clean and professional look.

Thanks again for all your help, it was an absolute pleasure working with you on these!!

Now, THIS is what makes me do what I do. The fact that I get to put a personal stamp on how others envision their celebrations… It’s like I get to celebrate with them!



  1. I like to wrap my orders, too.
    Its a nice touch and it makes the buyer feel like they’re receiving a gift.
    Nice work


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