Posted by: Lisa | November 30, 2007

Some recent custom design work

Aside from just offering what I have at the shop, I do a lot of custom design work. Let’s face it: My 9 to 5 corporate job is not exactly creative, with its black and white reports. Even the occasional illustration, charts and graphs, the most exciting thing about those reports are the color of the cover.

With all that pent-up creative juice, it’s bound to spill when I get orders for custom design work. Consider some of my recent work:


Krystal, owner of LoveBird Jewelry needed some matching earring display cards and business cards. The shade of green she had on her banner came out very nice on print.



A client wanted some custom birthday invitations made for her young daughter’s party. This is a mock up of what it will look like, but I think it’s just adorable if I do say so myself!



Speaking of little girls and wedding invitations, this NYC based shop wanted one of the invitations design to be made into gift certificates.


I suppose it’s not that bad considering my mind has been on overdrive lately. Not having enough sleep will do. It’s to the point where I get these crazy dreams at night, visions of evening stars, frozen bodies of water, bakery buns and jumping tigers with no stripes. (Don’t ask.)

At least my clients get the good end of it all!



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