Posted by: Lisa | November 26, 2007

Studio Woes…

I have a love/hate relationship with my printer. I love it when it works well. I love it when the designs I create come to life in all its waxy laser print glory. But I also hate it because it’s temperamental.

I think electronics sometimes have a mind of its own. My printer is chock full of attitude. A diva in its own right, sometimes printing when it wants to, wreaking havoc when it wants to. Like tonight. It decides it hates the color black. Not blue. Not brown. They print beautifully. Three dozen holiday cards and not one smudge. But it has a vendetta against the most used color of all and gives me nothing but smudged pages. I wipe it down with an old clean sock to no avail.

At any other time I’d shut the damn thing off and let it sulk in the corner until it feels like playing nice again. Except I can’t do it this time. I have several outstanding orders that use black ink. My turn around time is shrinking. And somehow I think it knows because half a ream of paper and several sock cleaning later it still smudges my black designs.  My fingertips are filled with black waxy ink and I’m getting a headache from the fumes from the cleaning runs. Painful indeed.

Such is the life in this design studio.

Ever have nights like this?



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